4 Ps of Projects that Add Value to Pharmaceutical Contract Services

Kelly BoatmanBest Practices

Time, budget, and scope—they are the classic triple constraint of project management. The same constraints apply when projects are outsourced to the pharmaceutical industry. Providers of pharmaceutical contract services employ an armada of project managers to coordinate and deliver services to clients. While the role of these project managers might seem straightforward, a closer look will reveal that a great project manager goes beyond the essentials of managing time, budget and scope to bring added value that can take your project to the next level and set your experience with pharmaceutical contract services apart from the rest.

With that in mind, here are 4 Ps to look for when outsourcing your pharmaceutical contract services project:

Key Metrics to Improve Pharmaceutical Shipping Programs

Travis HudsonBest Practices, Supply Chain Management

Just as you wouldn’t decide upon a large purchase without gathering the information required to make an informed decision, our pharmaceutical shipping programs deserve the same attention. Gathering metrics and using them to determine optimal solutions on an individual shipment basis is easier than you think and will improve your performance as well as protect your valuable pharmaceutical products to ensure viability.