About Singota

Singota Solutions is a CDMO focused on helping you overcome obstacles in any phase of the drug development pipeline.

Singota Solutions specializes in providing comprehensive services and differentiators, to expedite the progression of clients products through the intricate drug development pipeline faster, advancing them towards the clinical trial stage. With a focus on efficiency and quality, we offer flexible, tailored solutions encompassing small batch aseptic filling, aseptic manufacturing solutions, and injectable formulation development. Our state-of-the-art GMP compliant warehouse ensures the integrity and safety of pharmaceutical products, including those requiring cold chain pharmaceutical storage. By strategically closing gaps and minimizing line losses, Singota Solutions empowers clients to navigate the complex pharmaceutical landscape with confidence and precision.

Our shorter lead times, dedicated team of experts, and single-site location mean your project will receive focus and speed while never compromising quality, whether you are a virtual or large pharmaceutical company. Read more about Singota.

Why Singota

Singota Solutions is a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) focused on getting products to patients faster by being agile, accountable, and transparent. Our team of experts believe in collaboration and customizing our services to assist our clients through the drug development process.  Singota Solutions specializes in small batch aseptic filler, aseptic manufacturing solutions, injectable formulation development, with cold chain pharmaceutical storage and gmp compliant warehouse facilities.

Our key services include drug formulation development, analytical testing, aseptic filling, pharmaceutical labeling and kitting, and supply chain management.

Our History

Singota Solutions was founded in 2006 as BioConvergence LLC. Alisa Kilgas, the CEO and founder, envisioned a CDMO that would fill the gaps in the drug development process and focus on getting patients the treatments they need faster.

As the company continued to grow, so did the needs of its clients. In 2016, BioConvergence announced it would expand its services with the addition of aseptic manufacturing and rebrand as Singota Solutions. Singota Solutions now offers and specializes in small batch aseptic filler, aseptic manufacturing solutions, and injectable formulation development.

Since rebranding, Singota Solutions has broadened its Supply Chain (complete with cold chain pharmaceutical storage and gmp compliant warehouse facilities) from Domestic to International, now extending its capabilities into Europe. Singota’s agile and rapid approach to drug and formulation development remains exemplary, showcasing their commitment to advancing client projects through the drug pipeline swiftly. As they continue to expand their expertise, Singota is poised to facilitate even faster navigation of the drug development process for their clients.  Read more about Our History


Explore the core of Singota Solutions through our esteemed leadership team. With seasoned expertise in Business Development, Client Services, Research and Development, and Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs, our leaders drive forward our commitment to excellence in the pharmaceutical realm. Learn more about our experience and dedication, which form the backbone of our organization’s success and unwavering standards of service and innovation.  Read more about the leadership team.

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