Singota Solutions specializes in materials management, sampling & dispensing, and cold chain solutions.
Our pharmaceutical supply chain operations take place in a 50,000 ft2 cGMP-compliant, controlled environment warehouse.
Our Capabilities:

Materials Management (receipt, storage, shipment)

We manage a range of materials from APIs and raw materials to finished products. We have the capability to handle toxic, potent, flammable, and hazardous materials. Our secure, cGMP warehouse utilizes ICH storage conditions including controlled room temperature (15-25°C), 2-8°C, -20°C, and -80°C. We also provide distribution of clinical trial materials, as well as temperature controlled shipping for temperature sensitive products.

Sampling and Dispensing

Singota can aliquot materials from bulk to specified weights or volumes into appropriate containers for testing, development, and manufacturing purposes. These operations are performed in our designated cleanrooms under ISO 8 conditions

Cold Chain Solutions

Our cold chain experts have the experience and knowledge to manage temperature sensitive materials throughout the distribution process. We offer pharma cold chain services to our clients in both upfront design and execution phases.

  • Design services include packaging recommendations, cold chain design and mapping, and shipper qualification services (thermal and mechanical).
  • Pharma cold chain management services include GMP warehouse storage with validated thermal monitoring systems, procedures for proper shipper pack-out, in-transit temperature recording, time out of refrigeration (TOR) monitoring, and arrangement of domestic and worldwide material distribution under controlled temperature conditions.
Additional Support

Singota provides 24/7 client access to material transaction history and current material inventory status through our unique E-Transparency system. Using this web-based portal, clients can manage their inventory and make requests for services such as sampling and shipping. Each client has a dedicated project manager at Singota. Project managers work closely with the project team and our clients to help create customized solutions and ensure projects are completed on time. As with all of our service lines, we pride ourselves on being agile, accountable, and transparent. See how we’re performing—view our current metrics for supply chains in the pharmaceutical industry on Right the First Time Operations, On-Time Shipments, and Excursion Free Shipments.

See how our SCM services go beyond simply receiving and storing your products:

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